Possible Bottleneck?

So I have been looking for a reason to go out and upgrade my CPU to the i5 3570k, and have started trying to find bottlenecks. More specifically, that my CPU (AMD Athlon 2 220 @ 2.8ghz) is bottlenecking my GPU (EVGA gtx 550ti). I was looking at another thread about another guy trying to find his bottleneck, and someone commented saying to play a game that you play often with task manager open, and monitor the CPU usage. And thats what I did.

In Fallout New Vegas, I monitored it and it stayed between 80-85% CPU usage while I am sneaking around enemy camps. In combat, 85-90% CPU usage.

In Minecraft, It randomly jumped from 75-100%! Wow. While just moving I got a pretty stable 95%. While mining or anything like that it jumps up.

In Skyrim, just walking through the random wilderness near Falkreath, I got 90% standing still and 98-100% moving! Wow I think we have a bottleneck! Right! Right?

I also Fallout 3, Call of Duty and other assorted indie / F2P games.

Is this a bottleneck? Or is this a good balance? Also, if I get the new CPU (Intel i5 3570k Hopefully OC to 4.0ghz) will that bottleneck my GPU?

I really want to know this so that I know that if I do go buy the CPU, It wont just be a waste of money. Also, how big of a performance upgrade will I have with the new CPU? I do plan on getting more modern games, like planetside 2. ATM its unplayable, too much lag. Will a new CPU fix that?

Thank you for reading this, and please respond. I can monitor other games CPU usage or maybe a free benchmark.

PC Specs-

nVidia EVGA 550ti
AMD Athlon 2 220 2.8ghz
8gb Ram
1Tb harddrive 7200RPM
500w PSU
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  1. i think its ur cpu
  2. Okay? Do you know how big of a performance boost I'll get with the i5?
  3. hold on whats ur motherboard am3 or am2+
  4. I believe am3. Its a N-Alvorix-RS880-uATX Here is a link to my PC specs. I changed the PSU and GPU-
  5. What would that have to do with it?
  6. if u can find a phemon x4 cpu u should get insted of chaning ur mobo for intel
  7. Why? Whats the clock speed?
  8. Okay. I know its cheaper, but how is it better than Intel? I saw a 99$ one on newegg with good reviews. Is it easy to overclock? Is it reliable? One of the reasons that I want teh new CPU is for the new mobo. I want x2 PCie 3.0 x16 slots for hopefully crossfire 2 670's, and will this CPU bottleneck that?
  9. well u can get a i5 the if ur crossfire the gtx 670 and the i5 will not bottleneck them
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