Need advice on picking a case.

So, I'm getting closer and closer to the day I order my parts (If things go as planned, it will be the 14th of this month), but I need some help with cases.

The two cases I'm looking at:
Rosewill Challenger U3 - (Newegg has a deal for $20 off which is tempting) $40 with the code I think


NZXT Source 210 elite: $50

My mobo is an ASrock H77M LGA 1155-
and the graphics card is a Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 So it will need to fit these components.

The ideal case has to be under $60, have some decent cable management, and of decent quality. I don't mind not having bright glowly LED lights or anything. So if anyone could give me some advice on these two cases (or perhaps a entirely different case).
The build will not be doing any OCing, Crossfire, or any other "advanced" stuff. It is just a $600 build in all.
As usual, any help is appreciated.
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  1. Hi Baker,

    By all accounts the HAF 912 is an excellent case. It should provide really good airflow, and has brilliant cable management options.

    If your dead set on one of the 2 you suggested, I would go for the NZXT. I had a Phantom from them, and it prove to be a very sturdy case as you would expect from a reputable case manufacturer. I haven't heard much about Rosewill, so imho it isn't worth the risk.
  2. That looks to be a very excellent case I looked over, but it doesn't look to have USB 3.0. Would that conflict with the mobo which has front port USB 3.0?

    Also, sorry but I forgot to mention that the width should be under 9", and the dimensions are larger than that. That's my bad, the space I'm fitting it into is only 9".
  3. As well as the USB 3.0 header on the MB, there will be a few USB 2.0 headers, as many cases still use USB 2.0

    With regard to the width, cramming a PC into a tight space can often be detrimental, as airflow is easily reduced, I woukd try to find somewhere less restricting to place it.

    If you can't, then the NZXT would be a good choice if you deffinately need USB3.0 (Many devices do not support it, so will use it as if it was USB2.0), if not then the antec 300 is worth a look:
  4. That also looks to be a nice case, a bit pricey but it looks solid for the price. I'll have to consider it or the NZXT if the Rosewill isn't worth it.
  5. Yeah, the Antec cases are all generally very solid, I've had a few and the airflow is always incredible, might be better if you have to fit it into the 9" space.

    Like I said before, NZXT cases tend to be good quality, the Antec would be more of a personal choice for me.

    Whats the specs of the rest of your build?

    That's my build, the case is a price placeholder there. Also, after measuring the complete area I have to put the computer(Which I should have done earlier, I admit) my dimensions are 15.5" x 9' x 20" (In length x width x height). So I may have to go with the shortest(in length) of the three. I wished there was somewhere else I could place it, but it's either this or on carpet unfortunately.

    EDIT: Given that most cases have stands that are further towards the middle, the length problem shouldn't be too big of a concern if the case has stands that are shorter than the length of the case. (Just tested it with an old PC case)
  7. Quote:
    I wished there was somewhere else I could place it, but it's either this or on carpet unfortunately.

    I was in a similar position a few years back after moving house. I ended up using a piece of MDF that i got from my local hardware store to stand the case on on the floor. Just an idea, as I would hate to see you regretting your choice of case later.

    That build is similar to one i just did for a friend, the AMD processor is a little more powerful than the Intel one, and the board is a full ATX board, so there will be more room for upgrades later. The HDD is different as well, just personal preference really, I have a few of the barracuda's and the are bulletproof. If you haven't already started purchasing then it might be worth a look in this direction.

    Feel free to pm me if you need any help, i'll do my best. Good luck.
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