PSU goes into lockout, high voltage readings ??

Hi all, i have decided to poll the experts on this one ... I built a new pc a week or so ago and everything ran fine for the first few days. Now, within an hour of boot up it will just cut off. It might take half an hour or just 5 minutes. Then, to power it back up you have to unplug the psu from the wall and toggle the on/off switch on the back, as though the psu or mobo goes into some sort of protected "lockout". I got the same thing with different surge protectors and directly into the wall. The specs of the system are below. After not finding anything unusual in the bios, i monitored the system. The cpu is running cool as a cucumber at a steady 32*C. What concerns me is the +12V reading, which is reporting 13.97 to over 14 volts ?!?!? I know that is beyond ATX tolerances, and maybe the mobo is shutting down due to excessive voltage? I haven't taken a voltmeter to it yet and wonder how accurate the bios monitoring is?

Is it just as simple as a poor / bad power supply? The diablotek obviously isn't ideal but I had it lying around and it was new out of the box. It should be plenty for this simple setup, right? And what is going on when it cuts off, is it the motherboard or the psu that wont turn back on until i unplug the psu? Thanks for any and all input :pt1cable:

gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 mobo **only onboard video, no vid card**
diablotek PDH450 (450 watt)
crucial ballistix ram 8 gb (two 4 gig sticks)
amd phenom II x4 945 quad core
wd 500G blue HD, sata
DVD RW drive, sata
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  1. wow, no ideas from anyone ??
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