Phenom x4 vs Intel i5

I need a new CPU because my current one is Bottlenecking the crap out of my GPU. I currently have a AM3 mobo, but want to upgrade to a z77 socket 1155 mobo for a i5 3570k. But, all of that would cost 250-300$. But, if I buy a Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition @ 3.4 ghz, it will cost 99$, and I'll only have to buy the CPU!

So, what should I do?

Both CPU's have the same clock speed, but I know the i5 3570k can overclock like a champ. What about the AMD CPU?

Also, keep in mind that I do want a new MOBO. I want to upgrade to a 670 pretty soon so the PCIe 3.0 x16 is on my mobo, right now i have 2.0

And I hear AMD and NVIDA products dont play well together? Or is that wrong?

Also, I hear Intel > AMD and I want to pick the better product.

ATM my pc specs are-

AMD Athlon x2 220'
nVidia gtx 550ti
8gb ram 1333mhz
1tb HDD 7200 RPM

So what should I get?
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  1. The x4 965 will not bottleneck your current card.
    For the 670 gtx, any pcie slot, will do, but then yes, the x4 will bottleneck the 670 gtx.
    You can have now the x4 for the 550 ti and latter upgrade all at the same time(670 gtx, new cpu+mobo,etc.)
  2. Unless if you want to upgrade your GPU anytime soon, go for the x4! It'll be enough! It's more cost effective. And Intel is going to come up with new CPUs later this year, so it's best just to buy an x4 and save money that way ;)
  3. Just as an FYI. The 965 BE is only 25% slower than the i5 2500k, assuming the clocks are exactly the same. Up to you to justify the cost, but over here in the UK, the i5 2500k costs more than double the 965.

    So yeah. I say go with the 965.
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