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Comprei um DVD-RW SATA modelo GH22NS70, mais um adaptador IDE-ATA (converte de IDE para ATA). E não consigo fazer com que o DVD-RW seja reconhecido pelo Windows 7. Alguém pode me ajudar por favor?
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  2. I bought a DVD-RW SATA Model GH22NS70, plus an ATA-IDE adapter (converts from IDE to ATA). And I can not make the DVD-RW is recognized by Windows 7. Can anyone help me please?

    If Google translate is correct.

    Make sure you have the correct drivers for the adapter. That would be the most likly problem. Can you see the adapter in the hardware device manager?
  3. The adapter should be driverless. If your IDE ports need drivers, windows should have them already(7 is very good. Even XP would see 90% of ide controllers).

    Can you please post a link to the adapter you picked up. As long as you got a SATA -> IDE, it should work. They have IDE -> SATA and those tend not to work in reverse.
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