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I was recently gifted a new Lenovo H430 desktop pc. It is an intel i3 3.4ghz with 6gb ram and a 1tb HD. Has only one PCI express. the HD and the CD-ROM are fine. I also like the case as it fits my space and has the front mem card reader, usb etc hookups. I have upgraded my psu to a 550w unit, and my ram to 8gb corsair vengence and added an nvidia GTX 550 TI. I would like to upgrade my CPU/Motherboard to an AMD FX setup up without sacrificing my case, HD, CD-ROM or losing the use of my front usb, mem card reader etc. My budget is only about $250 +/-. Trying to make an entry level gaming pc (TOR, Skyrim, WOW, etc)on a shoe string budget. Any advice?
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  1. You should definitely be able to play those games with the setup you have. I built my friend an i3/550ti gaming rig last year, and he regularly plays skyrim, BF3, Borderlands 2, and other demanding games just fine. If you do swap out the mobo and CPU, you won't have to sacrifice anything. Any FX motherboard you get will have all the ports necessary to plug in your card reader, HD and CD drive. Just make sure you get the right form factor for your motherboard. (Micro ATX or ATX)
  2. Please explain form factor. This is my first mobi upgrade and I'm behind on the lingo.
  3. It just means how big it is. Motherboards come in different sizes. Mini-ITX is the smallest, then Micro-ATX (What most store bought PC's use), ATX, and XL-ATX. There are a couple of uncommon ones in between like thin-mini ITX and E-ATX, but those are the main ones. Yours will be either Micro ATX or ATX
  4. Hmm. Ok. So how do I determine this. Because I'm seriously considering this upgrade to help prolong the life if this computer. Also. Thanks for all your help. 1st forum where I've had actual help and not just a bunch of noob hate. Lol.
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