Possible to use a really old graphics card to connect tv via vga cable

So I gave a co-worker an old Hp pavilion running a p4 with Windows Xp and 1gb of ram

Thing is he doesn't have a monitor but his former roomate used to hook his computer to the Lcd Tv with a Vga cable.

Now I know back in the day video cards had to convert the digital signal into analog and send it to the old Tv's via S-video or composite so unless a graphics card was specifically designed to do it you had to buy a converter box.

So my question is, if I use the integrated graphics on the pavilion (or a geforce2 mx 400) neither of which were designed with the tv-out capabilities, will it work ?

I am asking because I already built it and he tried to use it however when the windows loading screen popped up the screen went black, I am thinking it is because the Tv did not support the resolution I had the computer set to, but I wont know for sure until i talk to him tonight at work since he has no phone.
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  1. yes this is totally long as your old computer has a vga output and the monitor has a vga input you are good to you said the reason it went black was prolly a resolution support issue..but to make sure that was the case do you get video when you power on the pc and it goes through the bios? Do you see the bios screen and stuff?
  2. It should work and the tv will act like a standard vga lcd monitor however you need to figure out what the native resolution is for that tv and set that computer to that before using the tv. You can always drop by any shop in town and try to get a dirt cheap agp card for a few bucks that does support s-video out. If the stock card in there is pci expect to pay more due to rarity.
  3. I didn't see it since we don't live in the same town and have just been passing the computer back and fourth at work but yes he said he saw the Hp splash screen that the bios throw in your face during startup.

    Said he saw Hp splash then windows splash then nothing.

    I dunno anything about his Tv other than it is 42 inches
    But I have been finding tons of information contradicting itself online as to the best resolution settings.

    One site says set the resolution to 640x480 or as low as windows will allow.
    Another says that if your tv supports anything above 1400+ your a lucky ducky.
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    well if the tv is an lcd screen it most likely HD so that means either 720p or 1080p res......since he saw the hp screen then you have no problem making this work try booting the pc in safe mode and then you should be able to get into windows no problem
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