So where is the 95w FX-8300 btw?!!

I've been waiting to see the reviews for sometime, but it doesn't look like this chip has been released yet. Is this one supposed to come out in retail too, or is it just for the OEM's?
AMD's pricing list has not been updated since October!!!
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  1. I've been waiting for the retail version, too,
    Everything I read indicates that it won't be avalable at retail, just oem.
    HP has marketed at desktop w/ the fx-8300.
    I think it's just like the fx-8100, never for sale at retail.
    Makes no sense to me!
  2. OEM only.
  3. Crap....and I wonder if the AthlonII x4 750K is also OEM too....wonder what the next imaginary AMD chip to be announced will be called :P
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