Phenom II 965 temp management

hey in order to combat the stock hsf ridiculous noise level i went into bios and turned the voltage down by 1 level (i think from 1.475 to 1.425) to lower the temps and i turned the max fan speed from level 9 (100% i guess) to level 6

i put the cpu under load played some crysis for a bit and it maxed out at 49c, i thought thats pretty good the MAX is 62 but ppl say 55 or less is the most u should do, so is 49c good? also im not 100% sure if the cpu is stable with the voltage lowering but i played crysis for bout half an hour and it seems fine so yeah
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  1. I never heard of lowering the voltage to keep fan noise down. But if you have to issues with that voltage it may be OK. Run a stress test with Prime95 and see if there's any faults reported.

    Doesn't Cool and Quiet and C1E work for you to keep the CPU from running at max when not needed? Or is the noise only an issue when stressed at gaming?
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