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I recently switched form using a VGA cable to a HDMI cable. Since the first time using the cable whenever I switch users I get a black screen, this lasts for up to about 90 seconds and doesn't happen every time either. This black screen also happens when I switch resolutions, rather than the quick couple second black screen you normally get mine will stay black for an extended time. I tried switching back to the VGA cable and do not experience this issue.

From searching around the closest thing I have found having to do with may issue was from a couple years ago and basically said the the handshake between my OS and my monitor is being delayed. I used moninfo and created a custom driver which was supposed to help which in some instances seemed to reduce my wait time to about 30 seconds but the problem is now returning.

The monitor does not say it's going to sleep, the light does not change. I am still able to interact with my system and sounds work through speakers.

I am using an AMD Radeon HD6700 series video card with the latest drivers and AMD CCC 12.6, Win 7 64bit.

This is my monitor

and the cable I use

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
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  1. When you switch users are installs separate or is applied to all users?

    You may want to check the video driver for both users.
  2. I checked with device manager for each user, all are showing the same driver and the CCC is the same on each as well.

    The problem seems finicky which is making me think I should try another hdmi cable. For example just when I was switching between users: I hit switch user on my current profile and it went right away to the login screen, I chose i different profile and logged on after typing in the password and hitting ok (or submit) the screen went black for approx 45-60sec. After checking the drivers I again hit switch user, after hitting that the screen went black for again about 60 sec. It came on I chose a user and entered the pw it logged on now without the blackout issue but finally when I logged back into my current profile I got the black screen.

    Sometimes this will happen when I start a game the game will start up i will hear the music but the screen stays black for an extended time.

    Other than that there is no other visual issues I ave noticed besides the overscaling not sticking which i fixed already. No flickering, no distortions or waving colors.
  3. Well, it is possible from the HDMI cable.

    Can you try another display port (such as DVI) and see if the issue happens again?
  4. Ok I got myself a DVI to HDMI adapter, I now have the monitor plugged in using the same HDMI cable into the card's DVI port. I have tried several things today and yesterday and have not gotten the same issue. I do see a black screen at switch but it only lasts 1-3 seconds which I do not consider to be an issue.

    Because this was solved by doing this would this indicate a bad HDMI port on the video card, or does using the DVI adapter stop the security handshake that happens with HDMI? Thank you for the suggestions.
  5. It's quite possible that it could be a bad HDMI port. If you have someone that has another HDMI cable, we will then know 100% it's a bad port or cable.

    Also, which component is getting the HDMI interface and the VGA interface? Is the monitor getting the HDMI interface and the VGA on the graphics card or the other way around?
  6. The dvi/hdmi adapter is connected to the graphics card, the monitor is receiving the hdmi interface. I have another hdmi cable that is being used by a tv and blu ray player I will try switching the chords and see if either systems change in performance.
  7. I got ahold of another HDMI cable that I know to work on a tv system, this cable also gave the same result of 2-3 minute delay. I will be contacting AMD support to see if it could be an issue specifically with the video card.
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