GTX 660ti PSU?

Hey all.

I'm in the middle of selecting parts for my PC upgrade, because my old GTX 560ti died? and i was,
just wondering what would be a good PSU for under $120aud for a Asus GTX 660ti graphics card?

I'm also buying if this helps as-well.
-Asus Sabertooth 990fx R2.0
-AMD FX 8350

I'm also shopping on this site, so if you could also attach a link from this site would be helpful. c:
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    A few options I would consider are
    Seasonic M12II 520W Modular for $109
    Corsair CX-500 V3 for $79
    Antec High Current Gamer 520W for $83 which would be my choice based upon price and this review (linked to conclusion page) - they say they'll have it in stock in just over a week
    Hope it helps
  2. I'm thinking the Corsair or Antec,

    thanks man.
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