AMD Athlon II X3 455 in a AM2 Socket

I want to upgrade my CPU, currently I have an AMD Athlon 2.8ghz single core, I´m planning on buying either the AMD Athlon II X3 455 or the Athlon II X2 270, but my question here is if I install the triple core will I be able to use the 3 cores? I mean will my PC recognize the three cores, I don´t really know how compatibilty works in CPU´s or if there is a limit.

My mobo is an Emachines EMCP61M, my PC model is 1320-04m (it´s from 2009). I´m very thankful on any info clearing this issue, thanks in advance.
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  1. That processor is socket compatible with socket AM2. Just need to find out if the BIOS supports it.
  2. I think that board only recognizes Athlon ii x2s. I have one of those boards with an aii x2 250 (came with a 250u). the 455 uses like 95 watts and that mobo only handles 85w.

    I have heard stories of people running phenom iis and Athlon quad cores but I call BS.
    I think a seriously better idea is saving some money and getting an intel g2020 or g860 Pentium cpu and cheap mobo. these "budget" duals run better than most Athlon ii x4s and on par with phenom ii x4s. I have the 455 right now it's ok, play games petty good with an hd6850. if I had thought out my upgrade better I would have gone intel (upgrading to i5 in about a week or so). the 270 & 455 aren't "bad" but they're really dated and not worth it from an upgrade stand point.

    but if you still want to I am almost sure the 270 will work, as it is a 65w cpu. just remember you need thermal paste/grease. and if it one of those small form factor ones it uses an intel socket 775 cpu fan (found that out when I dropped mine and broke it).
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