Dvd driver not detected

Please if anyone can help,thank you,regards lee
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  1. optical readers dont have drivers
    if its not seen in windows it means you didnt connect it right
    make sure to shut down the pc before checking the cables
  2. before you try loading it in windows. boot pc into bios

    the bios should detect it and if it dosnt then you know you havent plugged it in right
  3. Hi im bit of a tecno phobe sorry i am on a laptop, so nothing has been plugged in. how do u boot into bios so sorry,but thank you for advicex
  4. Often when the computer first starts to boot it shows the devices connected to it, and if it shows the DVD drive then it is connected correctly. If you can't see it then you need to enter the BIOS, normally by hitting the DEL key or F2 key when you switch on the computer (check with your manual) If you still can't see the DVD in the BIOS then either the drive is faulty or you have a bad connection to the drive. If this is the case the DVD drive is fixed in by a single screw on the back of the laptop that will when removed enable you to slide out and refit the DVD drive.
    If the drive is detected in the BIOS then you may have a software problem. On Windows7 run the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter.

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