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I have an AMD 940 x4 clocked currently at 3.3 Ghz. I'm idling at 40C and reaching 50C at full load. So far, I've succeeded in overclocking without tweaking voltage and it's been running stable for a month. However, I do want to push it up 3.4 Ghz except I blue screen after a few minutes when I do so. The strange thing is that my voltage seems a little high. According to AMD Overdrive, the default is 1.35, but when looking at speedfan and cpu-z, my voltage keeps fluctuating between 1.38, and even reaches 1.42 at max. What gives here? Is there anyway to force it to stick to a given voltage? I'm asking because if I decide to tweak voltage in the BIOS, I have no idea what to go to. Would I increase it from 1.35 to 1.36? If not, where is my starting point?
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  1. That's because the 940 is an AM2+ chip I believe. And it's a 140W CPU(Correct me if I'm wrong) which means it has a higher vCore to achieve the 140W, and also a higher temperature.

    Are you just adjusting the multiplier? Or also the base clock?
  2. the multiplier
  3. Whats your ambient temperature in your room? In Celcius
  4. i'd say about 20C/70 F
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