RDP Server - Xeon E3-1230v2 VS i7-3770

Hey everyone, here's a curve ball question. I run a computer repair store with multiple locations and I'm building a server to run terminal services on server 2012. It will be powering Quickbooks for 6 remote users for the next year, and more in the future. I'm pretty sure this use is not nearly as crazy as having tons of VMs running. But anyway, here are the outlining specs:

ASRock Z77 Pro4 LGA 1155 Mobo
OCZ 550W Modular 80-Plus PSU
32GB (4x8GB) DDR3-2133 RAM (on sale, lol)
2x 128GB Vertex4 SSD (RAID1 mirroring)
CoolerMaster HAF932 Case (had laying around)

What I've unfortunately just found out is that my original, hands-down choice for a CPU (Xeon E3-1230v2) has no IGP at all. (I was like whaaaaat?) Most people love this because it saves $80 on the chip and they can put that towards a discreet GPU. My problem is, I don't need amazing graphics, it won't be used for video gaming, and I don't want to run it headless. The Intel HD2500/4000 would have been great if it were just onboard!

So, what I'm getting at is this: apparently the E3-1230v2 is almost identical to the i7-3770, just that the i7 has the built-in HD4000 IGP and it costs $80 more. So here's the question...

Do I buy the Xeon without IGP and spend ~$80 on a discreet GPU, or just make it simple and pay an extra $80 for the i7 with HD4000. I've spent hours and hours researching and I'm pretty sure I have a unique situation. I'm currently leaning towards to i7, just because it's one less periferal to possibly fail. Unless $80 or less will get me a way better GPU, AND it will somehow benefit my performance by not pulling resources for the IGP to render graphics. That's what I'm not sure of.

So with that said, I'm sure everyone in the world is having this problem. lol. Thoughts?
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  1. I suppose you could always look at the E3-1235v2, this should have the intel HD graphics.

    There's motherboads out there which will take your processor and have their own onboard graphics. Personally, I'm in exactly the position. I have the E3-1220 (Sandy Bridge), the motherboard I use with it is the Asus P8B-M. Granted it does require ECC memory, which are like hens teeth for 8GB sticks.

    My last suggestion would be to go for the i5-3570(k or non-K). The basic difference between the i5 and i7 is that the i7 has Hyperthreading, which makes better use of it's 4 cores in certain circumstances.
  2. Damn, after 2 more hours of researching, I JUST found out this same info! In fact, most SB or IB chips that end with a 5 have an IGP. Sooooo annoying that random ones dont have HT, others don't have IGP, and others are only SB vs IB. It's almost like....there's a CPU for every configuration in the world o.0 haha.

    I really want to use Ivy just to be super current, and honestly I can't find a /real/ downfall when compared to Sandy (what, a little extra TDP?, big deal). So there's 9 SBs and 9 IBs. 3 have no HT, 3 have no IGP, and 3 have both IGP and HT. So it looks like the winner isssssssss.......the E3-1245v2. $20 less than the i7, has the built in IGP (P4000 I think its called?, which apparently has better transcoding support), and I don't need to bother researching a GPU. This couldn't have been more difficult!

    And now to totally screw me over, the ONLY review on newegg says he couldn't get 32GB to recognise (8GB sticks) WHICH IM GOING TO BE USING! Geeeeez! Cut me a break! I hope he's just dumb and it was his mobo not being compatible. I see NO reason whatsoever for the CPU to limit the max RAM stick size...
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