Hard disk is not opening

i cant open my portable hard disk what to do
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    i cant open my portable hard disk what to do

    First of all, make sure that the data and power cables are all plugged in and the drive is running. Then I would try to restart your computer. If it still does not work, try to use a different computer and see if it works. If none of that works, you will have to determine if the disk enclosure is bad, the disk is bad, or the disk is simply corrupted.

    - A corrupted disk is fixable by reformatting, but you will lose your data. Symptoms of this would be errors like "unformatted volume" being displayed by the computer when the disk is connected to the computer.

    - A bad disk will not show up at all in My Computer but the enclosure may show up in the Device Manager as an attached USB or other disk controller as the computer can communicate with the enclosure but not the disk itself.

    - A bad enclosure will fail to show up anywhere.
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