I3-3220 41c idle

so i went onto my bios (b75 1.2 bios) and it says i have on average 41c but im not even doing anything. havent installed an os or anything but 41c? new pc just built it i did how ever take off the heatsink and put it back on. i heard that can make air bubbles and make the cpu a bit hotter? so should i take everything apart (again..) and reapply thermal paste, but i the only thermal paste i have is "silicone based heat sink compound" bought at radio shack for like 15 dollars. would taking everything apart nd applying this radioshack thermal paste be better than my current thermal paste. what is the temperature in c degrees be too hot for the i3-3220?
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  1. in the bios certain features are not active that allow for better cooling at idle that are available in the os. So u will get higher temps in bios than once in windows.
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