My computer randomly Shuts down or Freezes playing Games

windows 7 home premium
windows 7 ultimate.
Pc Specs
Asus M5A97 Motherboard
6100 FX series Black Bulldozer CPU
750w Artic Cooling PSU
Radeon HD 6970 2G Dual Fan GPU
500GB Hardrive
8gb 4x2 sticks of Crossair Gaming ramb 1600mhz
DvD Drive.
2 Fans. 1x120mm "feeds out air"
and the cpu fan. small box set usual cpu fan.

So I installed the Graphics Card as usual. removing all other devices that may corrupt. installing all drivers for the Radeon. making sure its up to date. i installed all windows updates. everything. and just downloaded 2 games, Battlefield 3 and Diablo 3.
Before this my PSU did not have the 8 pin connector for the Graphics cards 4+8pin connection, so I bought an adapter.. "thought id mention that bit". okay so everything works. internet, movies, streaming everthing social works. but as soon as i fancy abit of gaming it decides to be an infant!

Usually BF3 takes 1minute-1hour to either turn out my machine. no warning just total shut-down no reboot, or completely freeze which then I have to turn on and off to get out off.
Diablo 3 a less demanding game.. gets to loading screen and shuts my pc down automatically.
Huh? I know...

Iv tried...
I thought it may be a driver corruption, or file corruption. weeks before installing it would randomly freeze but never shut down. so I installed windows 7 home premium 32bit. completely wiped my hardrive, reinstalled just the drivers for internet, so on.. and the amd drivers.. no shut-down but still freezes randomly.. needing a shut-down to fix.

2.Removing and restoring drivers. looking through all my data for errors, or corruptions.. nothing.

I have come to a conclusion, that it may be the PSU or the Graphics card or the Harddrive since it was freezing before i added the card.

cpu has the best thermal paste and the whole case is cleaned every 2 weeks.

I might need more fans. thats a conclusion too. a new cpu fan/heatsink. and around 3-4 more.. i dont have watercooling or anything expensive like that. but the card does get pretty hot on bf3, on the back the 2 fans obviously are not good at their job..

But if you have any conclusions or theories. post away, me and a friend are trying desperatley to solve this... i had bf3 since day of release, only yesterday and tonight could i kind of play..
it runs ultra no worries.. but for around 6 minutes.. but low settings with 1024x768 60hz res around 1hour.
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  1. Sounds like a bad PSU to me , go with a known good power supply like Seasonic or Corsair even Antec is better than an Artic Cooling unit. do some reasearch on hardwaresecrets. com you can find actual test results, not just somebodys' opinion!
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