System Restarts Please help me...!!

My system restarts automatically during Gaming
Core 2 duo Proc
HD5770 CArd
750 W SMPS huntkey
UPS 1 Kva Numeric

I guess there is no cooling problem since i have opened side panel and kept a fan.
Also checked SMPS with a local electrician working 5n.
Can somebody suggest me some other solutions other than colling problem and Power proble B cos I guess they are fine. Yet I'd consider if ur suggestions is Good.
Please help me.. ????
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  1. No other idea than checking then power supply. If you have a spare one, connect it and test. Check also the temperatures under load (when gaming) - you can use HWMonitor or similar.
  2. Is there any other methods to check the SMPS with out using a spare.. Coz I dont have a spare..
    Then i'd need to visit any service center..
  3. I will strongly suggest you use a Temp Monitoring software and post back CPU and GPU Temps.

    Keeping the side panel open is not a very good idea as it disrupts the normal airflow inside the PC. Please bear in mind the fans in and around the case have a special purpose.

    Post back Temps on Idle and under Load, then we can decide what direction to go with this.
  4. Sure I'l post back the temp after observation hope this 'd be useful to decide.. ??
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