Do I turn off onboard graphics before installing radeon 7850?

I recently purchased a Radeon HD 7850 graphics card. In the quick install guide the fist heading is:

"Uninstalling your current VGA card."

Since I didn't have one previously I am directed to:

"Disable any on-board graphics capabilities."

Then I'm told to insert the card into the system and reboot to install drivers etc.

Is this what I am supposed to do? How will the computer display anything if it has no graphics card and no on-board graphics enabled? I thought that I should disable the on-board graphics after completely installing the graphics card?

Please help!
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  1. don't worry about it. almost all motherboards will auto-detect your graphics card and turn off on-board graphics.

    if it does not, hold "delet" or "f8" when you boot up your computer (basically when it prompts you to enter bios), then move over to something like onboard components or graphics section and disable onboard graphics :)

    but yeah, do this after your get your current card set up
  2. Yeah, ok, thanks alot!

    Let's go set up a graphics card! :bounce:
  3. yup, best of luck!
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