Sparkle gtx465 problem

Hello there,

It seems I have a bit of a problem with my graphics card. It is a geforce gtx465 1024bm d5 from sparkle.

Here's the problem: occasionally when I play a game my pc freezes with bright/primary color outlines on the screen including artefacts (blocks). I've searched the internet for possible causes and none of them seemed to fit my situation except for overheating. Because of this I downloaded a monitoring program and indeed, my gpu temperature goes up easily to 80 degrees celsius when playing a game (sometimes even above 90, and a can't say for sure if it spikes over 100 on continuous full load). With some searching I found a suggestion to download evga precision to change the fan speed on my card. Turns out the fan wil ALWAYS stay at 40% even when the card reaches 90 degrees. (Is this a hardware error?). So using this program I set the fan speed to the highest acceptable noice level (about 70%). Anything above that and this thing sounds like an old old soviet tank factory.

Now the card is running a lot cooler, so I thought: problem solved.

At this moment I thought about using the overclocking feature of this program. Reading up on how to overclock I found an additional program called MSI Afterburner. The guide I read said to increase core and memory clock speeds by aprox. 10 mhz at a time and then running the MSI kombustor stresstest for 10 minutes to see if "it's stable". After the first increase of ten and running the stresstest my pc crashes in the same aforementioned way 1 minute in (temp at 75 degrees C).
Then I tried to run the test without default (stock) speeds and it crashed.... AGAIN.

Then I underclocked to 550 mhz core and 750 mhz memory with fan speed set to 80% (cringe). Running the stresstest for half an hour and the damn thing finally doesn't crash (with the card reaching 88 degrees ofcourse). This can't be normal.

My sub-satisfactory knowledge of hardware concludes: WHAT THE F***.

My final questions ofcourse are: is this card just broken and do I need to buy a new one? Can this be fixed? Am I an idiot for not reading the fine print in the manual?

Please, I need your thoughts on this matter.

p.s. dust: none. Ventilation of pc case: as good as my case allows.
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  1. Then I tried to run the test WITH default (stock) speeds and it crashed.... AGAIN.

    I'm not allowed to edit my own post.
  2. try taking the side panel off the computer and see if the extra airflow helps.. the gou with msi afterburner with fan profile when the card gets hot the fan should kick up to it max speed. (wont sound nice but it keep your card from burning out).
  3. Sounds like degradation (gets worse over time) sort of issue. Try cleaning the card by blasting out the dust inside. How long have you owned and used this card?
  4. Like I said, the card will never EVER go above 40% without manual override.
    No dust present like I said.
    I already removed side cover and added extra fan to blast the entire motherboard, graphics card included.
  5. nforce4max said:
    Sounds like degradation (gets worse over time) sort of issue. Try cleaning the card by blasting out the dust inside. How long have you owned and used this card?

    Sorry, I wrote my last message in a hurry as I was almost late for work.

    I bought this card about two years ago and it has been in constant use since then (though during this time it hasn't been under much stress). I've removed the plastic cover on the card and the heatsink and fan are both dust free.
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