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hi guys ,i can't find any suitable thread / to post this so i post this here, if there is any thread where i can post about keyboard please let me know :)

I have this mechanical keyboard and it has this problem: It wont function at all unless is in desktop, meaning that I can't select OS to boot / enter bios / enter safe mode etc. It only starts functioning once my desktop is loaded or in the login screen, why is that so?? and how can i fix it?? i use othger normal keyboards and all of them have no problem with it
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  1. Is it a USB keyboard? Many require and come with a USB-PS/2 connector. There are often keyboard and/or mouse specific ports in the back.
  2. Occasionally USB devices just don't function in the bios. PS2 connector is the best way
  3. if you are able to get it working with a ps2 keyboard or adapter, try looking for a bios setting something to do with USB devices/hardware and set it to legacy mode
  4. my other keyboards are also USB, but this one is a i think gold plated USB port
  5. Ive had certain mice not work in my bios. Try the PS/2 connector to know for sure.
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