Questions in the middle of my first build

I am almost finished my first pc build and I had a couple questions about it.

1. I put about 1.5 pea's worth of thermal compound. Is that alright? I'm scared I may have put a bit too much.

2. My case (Corsair 650d) doesn't have an sd card reader, and I don't think the mother board (p9x79 pro) has an input for one. Can someone shed light on this as I thought that sd card readers were a universal standard, or is it just basically a usb 2.0 with a different connection. I am asking because I also do not have a firewire port on my mobo.

3. My PSU (corsair professional ax1200 doesn't fit completely in my case, and I was wondering if the small side to side movement would be acceptable or not.

Thanks a bunch for your time.

EDIT: Also, is a system warning speaker necessary as my case does not have one.
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  1. 1.5 pea's worth is a bit tooo much, but it's OK. It's a standard, but not many cases have a reader. Get a $5 USB powered SD card reader off of eBay. It won't affect the PSU unless you're moving your case a lot. A speaker isn't necessary.
  2. Thanks 4/4. Will I take a bit of a performance hit with the extra thermal compound? I booted it up just now to make sure it was working and all seemed fine to me.
  3. Not at all. If you put a lot, you'll see higher temps. But 1.5 pea's worth is not what I'd consider a lot.
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