Which tech brand offers the best customer support?

Hello everyone, how r u guys doing:)
Okay, let's go straight to my question shall we;
Last Christmas, I got myself a HP ProBook 4530s laptop (core i3, 4GB, 320GB).
The optical drive on the unit failed, it could read DVDs, but could not write (power calibration error).
I hardly burn DVDs any more, got all my stuff backed up on the cloud, and a local backup on my desktop computer (the one m using to post this question).
Nevertheless, the laptop's still under warranty, and I dropped it to this HP service center just two blocks away from home.
They returned my laptop yesterday, and now this is what i have:-

>> The HP battery check app says my battery has been thru 130 recharge cycles, and is 500 days old, which cannot be true cause it's not been a year i got the laptop and the battery came with the laptop. If the laptop is less than a year old, how could the battery be almost two years old??
i never carry the laptop to college, and it's always connected to the mains. Recharge the battery to 40% and keep it in my closet, out of the laptop, to protect it from heat and to avoid accidental over-charge.. Run a full cycle every 20 days or so to make sure the electrons keep moving (as suggested by the Apple battery care page online).

>> The 'WiFi on' indicator won't light up (Wifi works, i can connect to my router wirelessly, but the status LED indicator doesn't light up any more)

>>Two keys on the keyboard (INSERT and DELETE), don't work.

>>The card reader slot on the front of the laptop had a cover, it's now missing, there's this big black slot which makes my laptop look ugly.

>>And the DVD drive doesn't even read DVDs any more (it could read DVDs fine, it only had problems on burning, before i dropped it to HP care.

Called up HP support, and i could hardly understand the tech's accent..

i'm off with this, i'd rather throw this laptop away and get myself a new one now, they literally scr***d up my computer. Just had this optical drive issue when i gave it to them for service, and now almost everything is dead.

I'm done with HP, never again.
Can you people suggest which computer shall i purchase this Christmas? I'll get one that has good customer service. Which brand offers best support according to you?
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  1. It sounds like the service center swapped out your laptop with a "refurbished" model and cloned/swapped the hard drive. Seems like a shady place of business.

    Anyway... the best customer support I've dealt with for my laptop has been Origin PC. They're a boutique shop founded by a few of the original Alienware folks before Dell bought them out. They're more focused on custom gaming systems, and the prices reflect it, but you get a dedicated customer support person for the entire life of your laptop. If I want a new video card, I e-mail 1 person, and within a day or 2, have an answer.
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