CX600 enough for GTX 580? Getting BSODs

So I just built a system and bought a GTX 580 off a friend (never OCed). Playing some games at the highest settings I'm getting BSOD's and sometimes just using the computer I get driver crashes.

I've run memtest86+ at my friend's suggestion, and there seems to be a problem with the ram (only using 1 stick) (moved from slot a1 to b1 and the error still popped up).

The CX600 only has 40a on the 12v rail and the GTX 580 asks for 42a on the 12v rail.

Could my BSOD's be caused by the Ram alone? or is the 2amp difference between the GPU reqs and the CPU specs a contributing factor?
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  1. If the Memtest detects a RAM error, you need to replace the RAM. It might not be the only problem, but it is a very basic problem that must be fixed.
  2. Thanks Abbadon! You seem to be answering all my questions these days.

    There goes another 20$. Will keep this thread open in case problem persists after RAM replacement
  3. Glad to be of service (:
  4. Changed RAM, havent done a memtest on it yet. Installed a HX1000 PSU.

    Still having BSOD's at the same point in this game.

    During cinematic of Hitman Absolution of one level... something fails, I get artifacting, and it BSOD's.

    So it's definitely not a PSU issue...but something is still going wrong here.
  5. Still do the memtest, anything can be DOA. That said, it's sounds like a graphics card issue. You may wish to interrogate your friend (j/k). What type of artifacts are you seeing? Is it crashing the game, the entire computer, or just making it unplayable? It is instant BSOD on it's own, or after period of time, or after you do something specific, like choosing and option or try to quit? I've beaten that game, so at what point are you having problems? Even though Hitman Absolution is a very demanding games, and built with AMD in mind, there is no reason you're 580 shouldn't play it at some level. Do you still have old drivers installed from a previous card? Have you tried lowest settings, underclocking, and other games? Sorry to rattle off a wall.
  6. This is going to make me sound stupid.

    I removed the card, cleaned the contacts, and reseated it. The cinematic which I had trouble with (the one following the Rosewood Part 1 section) has played through with no issue.

    Still noticed one small bug, but it seems not to be a big issue.

    The BSOD's would be, graphics would get funky, then a bsod. Sometimes Windows would be able to recover the driver, when it didn't it went BSOD.

    I'm currently running off that same friend's HX1000, going to try running the game off the CX600 and see if I get BSOD's. (If I do I'll go get a HX650). If I don't .... safe to assume it's safe for the card to run it on a slightly underpowered PSU?
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