Hard drive problems with HP computer

Okay I have been troubleshooting a computer I received from my parents when it broke down. For the longest time I couldn't get to the bios, but after cycling the memory in and out. I found that two of them were not working and I could only boot to bios with the functional one. So I can get to bios and have been running the hp diagnostic tool. The memory and cpu are fine, but the hard drive always has error code BIOHD-2 (turn off system and check cables). So I have tried this hdd on several different sata ports on two separate sata cables. I also tried it with another hdd with two separate cables on different sata ports. All of these attempts lead to the same error code BIOHD-2. So I know my hdds aren't broken, so what could be the problem? Could it be issues with the motherboard? Any suggestions are appreciated!

Also I tried booting from a live cd and it wouldn't boot, I don't know why :(.

The computer is an hp:
Product: AY570AA-ABA
Model: a4316f
Software Build: A1NAv6PrA1


Edit: Also, if this is in the wrong section could a mod direct me to the proper section :). Thanks.
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  1. anyone?
  2. anyone?
  3. AMD Athlon II X4 620
    1 TB sata disk
    NVIDIA GeForce 9100 based MB
    300W power supply

    Get into BIOS. (Maybe f10, not sure for your PC)

    1. Reset BIOS to defaults. SAVE. Try to boot. What you are doing is resetting the SATA port mode. Did this help, assume NO. Get back into BIOS
    2. Is the hard drive visible in the boot sequence? Assume no. If YES then post.

    There is not much that is needed to work to get the BIOS to see the disk. The Power supply must be good (no 5V no disk) and nothing can be shorting. The MB must be good. Memory must be good.

    If you have another power supply then swap it in. If it fails the same way then try playing with memory diagnostics (maybe in BIOS maybe in bootable USB). IF mem diagnostics come up good then MB may have failed.

    Standard debugging is to remove parts in hope of finding a part that failed other than the MB. The code you are getting is failed disk, but you've tried new disk and cables and sata ports. Try pulling keyboard, mouse, video cable first. Did the disk get discovered? No, bummer. Now pull all the wires from the MB (take photos and tag the wires so you know where they go) in hopes that a USB port, etc., is shorted, or something like that. Visually inspect things looking for something fried, darker than it should be, filled with dead bugs, etc.

    Good Luck. Not a bad PC, well worth saving. With a good video card this PC can game OK.

    !!! this is interesting "Also I tried booting from a live cd and it wouldn't boot, I don't know why" Your CD is also SATA. Therefore it could be hitting the same problem as disk (bad power, mad MB sata, etc.). Did the CDROM spin up? How far did the boot get? Can you see the CDROM in the BIOS boot menu ?
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