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I found a refurbished HP Pavilion H8-1228 desktop. Its specs are:

Intel Core i5 2400(3.10GHz)
8GB 1.5TB HDD Capacity
AMD Radeon HD 7570 1GB

I was wondering if this could play SWTOR at high/max settings at 1600x900 resolution while getting good fps (30-40 in most places.) I feel like this should be more than enough to max out this game, but I know people with high-end machines are getting low fps, so any thoughts?
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  1. Its not a bad setup, the CPU will do nicely, Enough Ram and plenty HDD storage!

    The 7570 is basically a Turks AMD GPU, it sits in performance just below the HD6670.

    Now saying that, It will cope with SWTOR, on 1600x900, but maybe not at highest settings.

    Now I would look at replacing the 7570 with a beefier card later on down the line, but this upgrade will be limited to the PSU in the box!

    Now this card the 7750 is what you want to upgrade to for your resolution, and chances are your PSU will handle it!

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