I've Caved into Intel (i5 or i7) (Read before posting)

As you know, I'm an AMD fanboy, I however want performance, and Hearing all the bad news about AMD is making me think they're going down the pooper and I don't want to be stuck with a crappy upgrade lol (I'm hoping Steamy does good though, I also don't want to wait till 2014 to upgrade my CPU). This isn't like all those other threads... My main decision factor is the $$$ and is it worth the performance improvement, And the prices are what makes it so difficult!!! I'm thinking about going i7 just for the heck of it! (bragging rights)

i5 2500k - $150

i5 3570K - $170 (I'm considering this i5 mostly)

i7 2700k - $220 (I'm considering this i7 mostly)

i7 3770k - $230

So, in your guy's opinions, whats more worth it? Which one is best for overclocking? Is the price for an i7 worth it? I was hoping to upgrade my GPU, but if the i7 is worth it, I'll hold off on that for another month or two.

Also, any decent sub-$100 MoBos?

I plan on doing heavy gaming and I plan on eventually making a youtube channel for gaming. Does the i7 pay for it's self?
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  1. I think i5 3570k is best choice for its price.it can easily handle games.overall i7 will beat i5 in gaming.
  2. i5-3570K

    The only "advantage" the i7s have is the addition of Hyperthreading. This is makes a 4 core cpu appear to have 8 cores, it uses the spare clock cycles more efficiently and benefits vary depending on the applications it's used on, some say up to 30% better but it has to be well threaded to get that benefit. Although increasing, games are rarely designed to run on more than 2 cores, a lot of games will only run on a single core.
  3. I've recently decided to go for a 2xxx CPU... so, I'm still on the fence... I found a Good cheap MoBo. So an i7 is possible... any bench marks to convince me to go i5?
  4. Any game bench you look at will show the i5 and i7 at the same frames. I can't find the bf3 benches but games don't tend to use hyperthreaded cores since they aren't coded for more than quads
  5. Overall it completely depends on hwat you do my friend. If you are just wanting to game and do all the basic computer stuff the 3570k is your best bet. Its performance is rediculous for hte price. If you do a ton of computer work that involves heavily threaded workloads then any of the I7 family will quench your desire for performance. 2600-2700k will overclock the best but is slightly slower clock-clock (about 5-10% depnding on application). The 3770k is the latest Intel beast
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