Couple Q's for the Win2k upgradee

I've recently installed WinXP Pro after using Win2k Pro for a long time. There are a couple things that I've noticed are either no longer there or just hidden, so does anyone else know about these things?

1) I've read that WinXP now supports VIA chipsets, so downloading 4-in-1's is no longer necessary? If so, does anyone know what version of the 4-in-1s are included?

2) Where can I access the security settings for my NTFS partitions like in Win2k? In Win2k it was in an nice little tab under the properties for a disk labeled "Security".

3) Along the same lines, how do I set more restriction on my sharing? I am looking for something similar to the Win2k options where you can Allow/ Disallow a bunch of different sharing options per Login type. The only thing I can find in WinXP is simply the option to share and thats it.

Hard work often pays off in time, but laziness always pays off now.
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  1. 1) 4.33
    2) Control Panel > Folder Options > View tab > Uncheck "Use simple file sharing"
    3) Um...huh? Try gpedit.msc, and the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel (providing your an Administrator).

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  2. thanks, answered em all

    Hard work often pays off in time, but laziness always pays off now.
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