How does this system look?

How does this system look for gaming compared to what I could build myself. I have never built myself and would rather just buy if this is close.

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  1. It's not a very good build at that price for gaming. An i7 is a hardly useful investment because LGA 1155 i5s perform almost identically in gaming and even with an i7, it's pretty overpriced.
  2. Lol I saw that before. Not worth the price. Build your own. Get an i5 and 8gb of ram. Make sure to get a powersupply that has enough watts for the build and do not get a standard power supply. Also for gaming a gtx 670+ or 7950 or 7970 will be great. The performance isn't too different beween the 7950 and 7970.

    Just do your research and watch some tutorials. I don't think it is that hard.
  3. That and Ibuypower is known to use low quality parts, the psu in that computer is probably crap and the stock heatsink. My friend owns one similar to yours we had to reinstall windows on the first day due to the files being corrupt. Like Eman7002 said just build one yourself. It's fun and exciting.
  4. Can get everything there for a lot less if you just built it..It's honestly not hard..
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