I've just recently finished putting a new system togeather:

i7 3770k
asus v deluxe
32gb ram g.skill predator x
1250w seasonic psw
1x ssd corsair
1x 3tb seagate hhd
4x other old ssd's
2x msi 7970 lightnings

before I plugged the PC into the wall socket, I DOUBLE CHECKED EVERYTHING, in all honesty I checked everything and everything was plugged in right, I just took off the case, and re-checked all cabling to the motherboard and PSU, everything, PERFECTLY FINE!
The computer popped - smoke emited - ran for a few seconds - computer turned off!
WHATS HAPPENING!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
Sorry for the rush ask, but I'm freaking out! WHAT SHOULD I DO????

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  1. I have just turned the system on again and it's running, but no graphical output is working, not from GPU or from CPU? Motherboard lights are all on, CPU faulty????

    My motherboards CPU ERROR LED is illuminating.... Was I provided with a damn FAULTY CPU?!?!?!?
  2. Nope. Probably a power supply gone I would suggest.
  3. Or maybe a capacitor has gone.

    Check if any are bulging like this:
  4. I just checked the motherboard, everything seems perfectly normal, I took out the CPU, it looks like brand new.. The power supply it powering up the whole system as well, with no problems what so ever, everything is turned on, the system just doesn't want to display anything at all on my screen...

    The motherboard does smell though, because initially when I turned my computer on, it emited an awful smelling smoke that I saw coming through the TOP fans on my case...

    My motherboard still shows a CPU ERROR LED..

    What do you suggest I shall do?

    Thank you so much for replying!

    Should I go back to the computer shop I purchased the CPU at and get it tested? Also take the motherboard?
  5. If I were you? Send EVERYTHING back to the original supplier and get new stuff whilst you can. It can be for any number of reasons and before you know it you've lost your time to return stuff.
  6. sounds like a short of some kind was the cpu fitted in the socket properly or check the ram modules individually also check the error code on the motherboard and compare it to the error code in the user manual
  7. I've just called intel in America, funny cause I was so desperate that I called them and I'm from Australia rofl. And the guy recommend me to get a replacement, he also stated that Intel would be replace the CPU for me, but first to contact the store I brought it from, and try and get it replace their, also to get them to test the CPU, to see if it is the CPU itself. I think tomorrow ill take in my mother board, ram, graphics cards and CPU to see which ones are working and which aren't. I'm sceptical about the mother board because I can smell a burnt scent from the CPU socket so I think I'll contact ASUS and explain the situation to them too, but I don't think they will replace it since technically it could of been the CPU's fault to cause the damage and not the mother board itself?

    Thanks guys for all you're replies so far too, I'm so stressed out!

    In regards to the error code, the guy at Intel told me that it was a general CPU error, so basically it means the CPU cannot be utilised at all.

    Is it possible that due to the sudden shut down of the PC whilst the CPU died it could have fucked up my graphics cards? They seem to be working since they illuminate?
  8. What do you guys think I should do in regards to the mother board? I'm scared it's socket may be damaged and reduce stability etc even though physically it looks brand new but on a molecular level it could be buggered ...

    *sorry for double post, phone ain't allowing me to edit the post :-(
  9. how would you go about giving a reason to get a replacement mother board for my situation? :-\

    Agian sorry for triple post, says I can't edit the post for some reason!

    Ty all so much for you're input so far much appreciated!
  10. Just because the system turns on, doesn't mean that the issue can't be the power supply. There are quite a few different power feeds from the PSU to your system (Just look at all the wires that come from it that plug in to your motherboard). If any one of those is supplying too much or too little voltage, then your system can have problems. A failed PSU can easily burn out many other parts in the system, and in your case may have fried your motherboard/cpu/ram/etc. Before you swap out any other parts I would strongly suggest replacing the PSU first. Otherwise for example, you may just swap out a burnt out CPU and immediately fry the new one.
  11. Tell them the truth, you assembled the computer, and when you turned it on voltage shorted to ground and there was a large pop. I don't think any reputable motherboard manufacturer would second guess that.
  12. Did you make sure the standoffs were all in properly?
  13. If the CPU is dead nothing will work. For the Pop I would RMA the PSu first and then the mobo and then the proc
  14. standoffs are fitted below the mobo?
  15. Also you can severely damage a MOBO if you plug something like a firewire plug into a USB header, I've read that's a big no-no.
  16. Recently just went back to my reseller of my mother board and the manager was kind enough to replace the mother board for me without sending it in to repairs after I requested. He didn't even charge me $70 to test my system, real gentleman.

    Want to know what happened? A ram chip near the ram modules basically burnt out, the reason why, I don't know, neither does the guy at the shop.

    The only thing that we didn't test was the power supply, and I just tested that now on my old system which, now, just consisted of:

    1 RAM stick

    It ran perfectly normal for 20 minutes, the old power supply I had in that system, does exactly the same.

    Is it safe to rule out now that my seasonic power supply was not the culprit of my mother board's chip frying? What do you guys think I should do now, put the power supply in the system and run the system? Or not?
  17. In the first post I stated that I have 4x other old ssds, this is incorrect I have 4x old data 7200 drives
  18. Well if it runs with the old PSU then it should be fine. Ram burning out sounds like a mobo voltage problem to be honest or just an issue with the ram chip.
  19. darth pravus said:
    Well if it runs with the old PSU then it should be fine. Ram burning out sounds like a mobo voltage problem to be honest or just an issue with the ram chip.

    Yeah I have a new motherboard now, same model and all that, safe to say I can use this mother board? The guy tested this new mother board as well, and it perfectly, without the graphics cards and no hard drives as well without my PSU, but his.
  20. I can't see any issues with this to be honest. It was probably just dud motherboard
  21. darth pravus said:
    I can't see any issues with this to be honest. It was probably just dud motherboard

    I must be one very unlucky man..
  22. Most people get at least one item DOA or dying soon after purchase at some point.

    Let us know if your systems all good when you get a chance.
  23. darth pravus said:
    Most people get at least one item DOA or dying soon after purchase at some point.

    Let us know if your systems all good when you get a chance.

    Oh wow! That's surprising!
    Haha, I'm now just fixing up my cabling, quad-ripple checking my connectors to mother board and everything, then will put together and power it up!
  24. double check that no extra standoffs are installed too, bread board it if possible first.
  25. Sound's like your being thorough enough. Quad checking everything is good. After you've checked go away and read or sit around the tv for an hour or two then check again.

    You will almost always notice something else.
  26. I have an 8 pin connector connection to the mother board for the CPU and I also have the 24 pin connected, I have just finished taking 40 photos of the system and of all cabling just in case too! I shall go and relax then come back and check the system, thanks for that tip!

    I'll read through the manual, check everything, see if everything meets up, and then ill know it's safe to turn on I think haha, I'll let you guys know how it goes!
  27. Good man. Looking forward to seeing how it goes and seeing those pics :D
  28. you are using the right 8pin, i.e. the atx aux, and not the pci-e 8 pin?
  29. 13thmonkey said:
    you are using the right 8pin, i.e. the atx aux, and not the pci-e 8 pin?

    Yeah I'm certain it's the right cable, just unplugged the CPU connector and tried to plug it into one of the cards, does not go in at all, no matter how much I try, so defiantly right. Thanks for the heads up though!!!!

    Just also want to give a big thanks to everyone that's replied too!
  30. Don't thank us till after the big switch on. Great feeling building your first PC.
  31. Haha! Gonna connect it to my TV, plug in the peripherals and switch this beast on! Heart is pumping...
  32. Gonna connect pc to surge protection too
  33. Just gotta get the adaptor.

    Sorry for some reason can't edit my posts!
  34. *The tension mounts*
  35. I noticed something odd the minute before I turned the PC on, this connector is missing a pin? The motherboard connector has a pin for that missing pin on the power supply cable?

    Is this normal?
  36. it used to be -5V, not used anymore.
  37. Great! On it will go now, shieeeet
  38. Ugh it's not turning on from the case power button. I have the power switch connector from the case connected to the motherboard.. The turn on button in on the mother board itself is illuminated though.
  39. Maybe your power switch connect isn't on the right polarities? check your manual.
  40. can you short the power switch pins on the mobo, choose the right ones. there is no polarity in a switch. make sure you are using the power switch header and not the reset switch, they are different and behave differently.
  41. Some motherboards have a power switch on them. Can you try that?
  42. Just changed the polarity, Nada.
  43. Made the cables face down, towards the floor, nothing, made it face upwards towards the ceiling, nothing. Am I missing something?

    I know power is going through as the power button on the mother board is illuminated..
  44. Why don't you try the power button on the mobo
  45. I'm anal about the power button on the case LOL.
    I'll try and change the cable polarity's again and all that jazz :)
  46. There is no power switch polarity.

    There will be power led polarity however.

    Short the power switch pins on the mobo so that the power switch is not the fault.
  47. So touch the pins with a metal object and turn the computer on?
  48. the right pins yes.
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