Which brand 7870 to get? MSI or XFX, please read

Either looking at the MSI Radeon 7870


or XFX Radeon 7870


Both are same price but MSI is 50mhz faster on the core clock, otherwise specs are the same. XFX has lifetime warranty whereas the MSI one is only 2/3 years parts etc.

My question is, which of these cards will overclock better for future proofing? Or which card is just better in general to get to hold me over a few years?

Thank you
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  1. I'd get the XFX, simply because of its double lifetime warranty, plus they cover overclocking failures
  2. All warranties cover overclocking if you don't tell the company that you overclocked (they can't check this). However, that's not something to hold against either card, just something worth mentioning. I think that the MSI 7870 has better cooling than the XFX, so which one to buy depends on whether OP wants the supposedly better warranty or the supposedly better cooling IMO.
  3. Because of the double lifetime warranty, it has higher resale. Wait for next week. The 7870 will be $250, and with rebates, it will be even cheaper. I'd get the MSI though.
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