Scrabble cd is unformed on computer

I cannot get the scrabble c d to come install on my computer as a whole unit. It looks like a puzzle
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    Need more info here. What looks like a puzzle? The game when it's run? What exactly does it look like? Is he game supported under Windows 7? If not, you can try to run it in compatibility mode.
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  3. When I try to download the disc I get a partial piece of the scrabble face and using the mouse on the screen it "unravels" part by part the game. It is absolutely unusuable in this manner. Something is radically wrong with the cd disc.
  4. Did you check if it's compatible with Windows 7? I doubt it's the disk. You can run the disk with another PC that has XP installed, will probably work fine.

    Is this the first time you tried installing it on this computer? What operating system did you use the game on before?
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