Best PC Case and Power supply for $200-$240

This is my first build and i have all the components picked out except for the case and power supply.
My specs:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4
GPU: Radeon HD 6870
Cooler Master hyper 212

I dont care if it is full or mid tower
must look badass and have good airflow basic stuff, lots of blue led fans or non leds

Thank you!
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  1. Case:

    That will be $179. With the difference saved you can upgrade your GPU to a Radeon 7850 or upgrade your CPU to the Intel i5-3450.
  2. thank you very much! i can't tell you how many hours i've been trying to decide these two components.
  3. i rather spend my 250 on a much better GPU and CPU but it is your money

    the phantom 410 also comes in gun-metal if you like that colour. as for the psu, id get a pc power and cooling mk3 600w. only 49.99 after MIR at microcenter
  4. I agree with both g-unit1111 and TheBigTroll, but as you have already got the other parts, then get the new case and psu.

    HD 6870 needs only 500W, with 2 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connectors.

    CORSAIR Builder Series CX500 V2 500W

    There is this cool case with blue leds, and great air flow COOLER MASTER Storm Sniper

    The case and psu will cost you $179.98, but both offer you $10 in rebate, so it will be only $159.98
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