Still getting low frame rates

I have done some upgrades to my computer and I can't seem to figure out hy my frame rates in games are low even on low settings.

First off I wiped my system clean, installed windows 7, have new 750w PSU, and gtx 460 768MB graphics card.

My other system specs that stayed the same are
amd phenom x4 9500 quad core processor, 6gb of ram, and M2N68-LA mohterboard

What can I do or change to make things better?
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  1. What games are you trying to play? Did you connect two 6-pin connectors to your graphics card directly from your power supply? Like this:
  2. Yes everything is hooked up correctly, the card requires a higher PSU to run it. The stock one that came with my system is to weak for it, thats why I got the 750W one. Also im trying to play MMO's like WoW and Starwars. WoW is average frames but Starwars i get horrible lag and its really choppy. The card isnt bad. It should run at 30frames consistantly maybe more. But I have everything turned down to the barebones or off and its still horrible


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