Pentium e2200 vs core 2 duo e6600

I have recently swapped out a overclocked e6600 @3ghz with a e2200 and i have overclocked it to 3ghz but nothing seems to have changed , i ran nova-bench and it gave me the same cpu score? i thought a core 2 duo would out perform an old Pentium chip, any ideas? because everything's working at the same speed, browsing, opening docs ect
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  1. They seem to be nearly the same processor. And with both of them running at the same speed, it may not be a noticable differance. It would seem that you should get a small performance boost though. Here's the site with some specs (Please note that these are not overclocked specs.):
    Hope this helps!!!
  2. Both of these processors share the same micro archetecture so if they are both overclocked to the same speed the only difference is the cache an whatever you have the FSB set at with your overclock. The only area in which you would really difference is in application that use the cache more effectively but since this is a such a small change it would take a benchmark to see the difference.,33925
  3. Don't know if this comes too late, but the E6600 is already a 3Ghz processor, therefore it MUST overclock higher than 3Ghz!
    The E2200 is a 2.2Ghz processor and can be overclocked to 3Ghz! The 6600 (in MY opinion) is a better core 2 duo processor! Try overclocking it to about 3.5Ghz
    Also BOTH are LGA 775 socket procs! make sure the MOBO can handle OC's properly.
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