Nvidia NVidia GT 630M shuts down ASUS K55VM

needed drivers for win 7 32 bit
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  1. did any one find a solution to this problem and is there any one with k55vm using it without this issue??

    I was planning to buy this laptop but this thread has made me to think twice. :??: :??:
    Any one with authentic solution/Did this problem reoccur in DOA replace machines??

    1.did u try installing the ASUS power4gear utility and choose high performance option.
    2.try installing intel4000 driver first then the nvidia driver see if the optimus switching is enabled.
    3.check the bios for any setting to shutdown the system at low temp than the safelimit.
  2. Here's the solution.

    Install Windows 8 64 bit.
    goto support.asus.com and download Win8 64bit compatible Nvidia driver from there.

    You're done !!!

    The idea here is that you need to install the driver as provided by asus on their website, don't install the Nvidia driver as provided in driver installation CD/DVD.

    I tried it with Win8 64 bit, don't know if the solution also works with Win7. You can definitely give it a shot. If it works even with Win7, pls post it here.

    Note: There is a updated version of Nvidia driver available on Nvidia website and in Windows update. I recommend not download or install from either of them as you'll land up facing the same shut down issue again.
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