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Recent purchase of a grafics card freezed my computer, the power supply is only 220 Watts.
The computer model is AX1420G-U5832, where can I find a suitable power supply. I'de like a 270 to 350 if it can be found. The size seems to be the issue. It is just over 3.35 wide, less than 2.00 high, and ust les than 7.00 long. Can anyone help?
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  1. Your OEM power supply is a custom form factor.

    This is as close as you're going to get:

    You'll have to perform your own modding to mount it (i.e. create your own mounting adapter plate).
  2. If you do not need your 5.25 external bay, then you can install a psu booster in there.
    Here is one:
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