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Hello guys,
Im a bit worried so i really hope you professionals help. I just installed my new processor which is a amd phenom ii x6 1045t. I guess the installation was successful and i put on the computer. Immediately i got a message saying you need to restart computer to make changes into effect. I did so and got the message again. I ignored it and went on my mobo's website (ASRock N68C-S UCC) and updated the bios. Anyway the computer successfully sees the processor and the 1045t however cpu-z and speccy sees is as 1040t. I also find it takes long after booted to load the desktop properly, about the same speed as my previous X2 255 (After all its a 6 core proceesor isnt it?) Did i do something wrong?

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  1. yes it is
  2. how many cores are windows recognising, goto msconfig.exe and reset the core value if it is not 6.

    did you go into bios and then save and restart>
  3. Sry for the late reply, yes windows is reading all 6 cores. The problem with it is that when windows load the desktop icons take a little while to load, my friend suggested maybe its the ram btw is 4gbs ddr3 1333. What do you think?
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    Boot times are mostly affected by your hard drive speed, I think that's probably your problem, as is the bottleneck with majority of computers that run mechanical hard drives.
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  6. Thanks i think that is the issue!
  7. it recognises the 6 cores
  8. because the icon are loaded from cache, so the HDD is to blame. get a ssd if you want faster boot.

    The 6 cores won't have a big effect on loading time if the cpu speed is the same (or almost) as your old one. only multithreaded programs and multitasking will make a difference. So, seeing that your cpu run a full 400 MHz slower than the 255, then I don't thing you did a good move if you are only gaming or doing light stuff (email, internet,..)
  9. hey pat are you saying that a amd athlon x2 255 is faster than a phenom ii x6 1045t because i do play lots of games??
  10. Most games are not optimized for more than 2-4 cores. So, if the 255 has 2 cores that are faster in GHz than 2 cores on the 6 cores, and the games is using only 2 cores, then yes, the X2 will be faster. Maybe not by a large margin, or with every games, but having extra cores that are unused don't really helps gaming.

    Where I live, I can get a phenom x4 965 3.4 GHz for 90$ and the 1045T at 2.7 GHz for 99$. Of the 2, the 965 will game much better than the 6 cores, and by a wide margin.
  11. But, OTOH, the board you have support only 95w CPU, so you are limited for CPU choice.
    Your X2 is only 45w, so you may have some room to overclock, if you are willing to do so.

    Check the CPU support list for your board.
  12. ok thans. last question what is your opinion on this system for gaming:
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
    Phenom X6 1045t
    Raedon 7770 HD
    4gb DDR3 1333 ram
    575W PSU
  13. you will be able to play most game, just relax the setting for your video card. OTOH, this is a good computer for all around stuff. Getting 8 gigs of ddr3 1600 will help a bit since you have a 64 bits OS.
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