Crossfire 7850 vs 1x msi gtx 670

what would preform better?
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  1. i have a msi 670 now but didnt no if i had made the wrong choice and where i have 28 days to return this card just wanted some feed back really
  2. gtx 670, there is no microstuttering
  3. Quote:

    I'm trying to decide if I should upgrade from my GTX 580 and get one or upgrade my SLi 560-Ti's and get one...

    keep it.

    upgraded to gtx670 direct cu II from my gtx580 direct cu II. The performance gain is simply amazing. All the games feel much more smoother and in terms of fps gain, the gtx670 is about 40% better in battlefield3 and it will get much better once nvidia starts releasing drivers optimised for the 600 series.
  4. cool ill stick with 670. cheers guys!!
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