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Lately i have been looking for a good replacement for my outdated amd system (amd phenom II x4 850 + cheap asus mobo) and Im not really sure over what should I pick. Any ideas for combo under £250. Ive looked at i5 2500K and 3570K which seemed similar in performance and im leaning more towards 2500k as from certain sources its will be more stable platform for OCing as well as it has chances of "living" for longer. Oh yeah im planing it insemi workstaion/gaming rig. Thanks for any responses.
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  1. Thank you, do you know which uk shop would ve roughly the cheapest since prices vary between those i have checked
  2. I don't live in the UK. I have heard Microcenter is the way to go.
  3. Hmm, ive checked it and sadly the 2500k is only available straight form the store. Nevermind though i shall look in shops around me. Thank you for the help
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