Ddr3 ram confusion, sticks not running together?

So i am currently running DDR3 ram, i was running 13gigs of ddr3 until i got this new proccessor "black edition 965 phenom) ever since then i cannot get my ram sticks to run together, currently i am running 8 gigs of 1066 ddr3 adata ram, but as soon as i put in my 4 gigs of 1600 adata ram the monitor displays a "no signal" error, keep in mind they ran fine together before until i got the new proccessor. The ram also only works in the first slot, and the third slot.

Other specs

700 watt psu
240 gt graphics card
computer says it runs 1666 ddr3 ram
8g ddr3 1066 ram
amd phenom 965 black edition 4 proccessor.
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  1. Quick edit, the sticks im running are 1333, not 1066, just checked.
  2. Can you changeit to 1066?
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