Soundblaster x-fi Titanium HD PCIE


What is that long connector for on the end of the PCIe x-fi Titanium HD? It looks similar to an IDE connector, long with lots of pins.

Can anyone explain this, SB manual claims its for other creative devices but which ones?

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  1. It's for connecting an external Creative expansion-bay or "breakout box" which gives you more connectivity options than those provided on the card itself, plus sound controls , and you don't need to crawl behind your PC to get at them. There's one pictured here:

    Looking at the connector on the card, I imagine the breakout box connects to the card with a ribbon cable terminating in a connector similar to those on an IDE data cable you use with an IDE hard drive.
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply but I do not think that is it. I looked at the breakout box and it is described as something that connects to the audio outputs to add connectivity. Creative tech support says it is for something that was never made. Why they left if there is beyond explanation. A little silly if you as me. It looks like it is pretty much useless.
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