Phenom II x4 965BE Installed- PROBLEMS

Hi everyone.

Bottom line,I have just installed a new AMD Phenom II x4 965 3.4ghz quad(it's showing 4ghz on core temp and windows index) Black Edition, upgraded from my Athlon 64 x2 chip. I have an am2+ mobo, that was flashed for am3 by previous user for his 6 core.

The installation was correct, no problem booting etc, temperatures all good, but I am getting constant crashes on programs that were absolutely fine yesterday and from before. Even firefox crashes, but mainly a few games like Prince of Persia and Warframe as examples. Both of these games run absolutely fine before the new install.

I did a SiSandra check, and it came up at the end of the spec saying ' FSB exceeds Chipset rated speed - reduce FSB', 'memory hole may not be required-check bios settings' 'tpm not detected'. Sisandra also did not recognise the Phenom, still listing the athlon?

Now, the only thing that springs to mind is that, as this is a Black edition, it may be already in overclock - the specs are showing it as a 4ghz whereas as standard it should a 3.4ghz. I have not manually overclocked it, but could it have done this because the mobo has flashed bios for a 6 core or something?

If anyone could help, it would be great, as it was running perfectly stable before the new cpu was installed.


Quick spec: ASrock mobo am2+(flashed to am3); Phenom ii x4 965BE; Arctic Freezer fan; ocz 750w psu;130gb hdd; Nvidia Geforce GT240;6 gb ddr2 cosrair ram
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  1. what is the motherboard model? doesn't sound like the motherboard reading the cpu correctly.
    Can you get into the bios to see the settings is correct?
  2. Mobo model is ASrock k10n78 FullHD-hsli .Am2+ , but my mate flashed bios previously for a 6 core. Ran absolutely fine with the duo core.

    I can get to the bios, but not sure what to look for.If i press f2, In the first blue screen, the mobo is reading the Phenom and states 3.4ghz. But everything else, like windows index and coretemp etc, are saying 4 ghz.

    It's got to something to do with this right? It should be at the default 3.4 upon install. I havent overclocked at all.

  3. in the bios go under advance and see maybe the previous user overclock the settings.
    Should be auto on most settings.
  4. Resetting your bios should be step 1.
  5. Ok Thanks guys. I've reset the bios and the cpu is back to 3.4ghz and running stable so far.

    Solved(I hope):)
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