I have 8gigs of ddr3 1333, is it faster than 4 gigs of 1600?

In terms of gaming...computer won't turn on if i use both types of ram at once, so which one is supreme?
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  1. The 1333 or 1600 signifies the data rate or speed if you want to call it that.

    EDIT: eh, bigger number is faster
  2. Yeah i figured that, but i have 8 gigs of the 1333, i know 1600 is faster but i only have 4 gigs of that. so it comes down to 4 gigs of 1600, vs 8 gigs of 1333.
  3. In the real world, your better off with 8GB DDR3-1333.
  4. The amount of RAM does not affect speed of RAM. However, if you ran out of RAM, it will grind your system to a halt. This can happen - or not - with both 8 GB and 4 GB, depending on use. For gaming 4 GB tends to be *enough* these days.
  5. Lots of people buy 1333mhz RAM for gaming, although 1333 to 1600 sounds like a leap it is actually quite small practically and in actual performance, however, the leap from 4gb to 8gb is quite siginificant and will literally result in near double (potential) performance, because you have double the RAM available.
  6. What, no it won't. As long as you're not running out the amount of RAM does not affect performance.
  7. Well, I would count the fact that I am able to have multiple programs open/running without running out of RAM as increasing performance...

    It's all just relative to how you are classifying performance. Performance is not simply about speed, I don't care how fast that RAM is if I only have 2GB and I am trying to use 6, the "performance" of 2gb is not satisfactory for my needs. That is also why I prefaced my comment with (potential). The way he understands the performance of RAM, it is better to have 8gb at 1333 over 4gb at 1600.
  8. Well, yeah, I'm just trying to make the point clear to the OP asking.
  9. 8GB. You will not notice the difference in the two speeds, you will most likely notice the difference between 4GB and 8GB.
  10. Depends on which CPU you have. If you have AMD APU, then faster freq and lower latency RAM and enough of it. For other CPU, more RAM.
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