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I have a quick question that I'm unsure about. I have two HD 6850's in Crossfire, and one of them had to be replaced yesterday. The new one is overclocked to 790MHz, and the old one is overclocked to 775MHz. the older one, however, is in the main slot, and the newer (and higher OC'd one) is the slave. Should the higher OC'd one be in the main slot, or does it not matter? And if I do need to swap them, will I have have to change anything as far as drivers or CCC, or will everything be the same on the software/driver side? I actually wouldn't mind swapping their slots since the newer one has a newer/better fan.


I solved the problem, so a mod can close this or mark it solved. :)
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  1. "When you installed the drivers for those cards in their original slots, doesn't it marry the MAC to that particular slot?
    If it does, then a reinstall of the drivers are in order for the switching."

    When researching this question, I found where somebody said this, so I don't know if that's going to be a problem.
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