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Gaming PC - custom hardware but pre-assembled

Last response: in Systems
August 26, 2012 5:42:08 AM

Hello !

I would like to buy a PC suitable for working & gaming.
Budget USD 500 to USD 1000.

It is important to me to be able to connect 2 monitors. If possible that the PC can handle a wireless printer (but the wireless would be a bonus if possible in the given price range)

I have literally no clue about hardware, thus I don't dare to attempt to assemble it. But I found e.g. AVADIRECT.COM or PCUSA.COM. Both enable you to choose hareware according to your liking / needs.

Working: MSOffice
Gaming: TOTAL WAR series up to TOTAL WAR Shougun 2 and similar games on high settings

My question, could you assemble a list of compatible hardware based on those or similar sites ?
Don't feel obliged to use the high end of the budget ;) 

Thanks a lot!
a b 4 Gaming
August 26, 2012 6:02:31 AM

should have used the normal site outline, as important questions like monitor resolution, what you dont need etc weren't answered.
September 1, 2012 1:10:17 AM

Hi dudewitbow, thanks for your message.

What do you mean ? Is this not the right place for my question ?
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a b 4 Gaming
September 1, 2012 1:12:49 AM

it is prebuilt wise, but you leave out so many questions. one, you didnt even say if you do or do not have a monitor. and if you did, we dont know what resolution it is at. for instance, no point in buying a 1000$ computer with a low resolution monitor
September 4, 2012 7:56:31 AM

Thanks for your reply and sorry if my request is irretating do to lack of information.
I have no clue if it comes to computer hardware.

I do not have a monitor. Thought of getting one main and a second for working (excel for example).

Recommendations re the main monitor are welcome.

Pls let me know what else is missing to enable you to assist and I will try my best to answer.

Thanks for you patience !
September 4, 2012 4:02:33 PM

cyberpower and ibuypower are good and are better than avadirect pricewise. I've never even heard of PCUSA. I wouldn't do that. Go to and start there. Some people will tell you to build your own. I think if you have no technical experience you should stick to Cyberpower. If you do want to save a little money (probably no more than $100) build your own. I configured a Cyberpower build for 850. I searched up the parts and it was the same amount.
September 9, 2012 5:33:37 AM

thanks moosy8, I will have a look at

do you have any experience with their packing ? I have to ship the box quite a distance and am a bit worried about damages due to insufficient protection

September 11, 2012 3:46:00 AM

You can configure a pc at, pretty sure they are equal to cyber and ibuypower price wise, plus they have free shipping, wire management, h60 liquid cooling, and some other stuff. I always recommend this company cause I feel they are not as talked about as they should be.