[Solved] Is my CPU too hot?

Ok, I'm in need of some real hard fact advice. I am a new pc dabbler and I just finished building my first gaming rig. I got everything put together fine but now that I done that I'm worried my build is running to hot. I have searched high and low for an answer but can't seem to find an answer that fits my rig.

I'm running a, MSI 990FX-GD65 motherboard, which runs at idle at about 33C.
And a 8 core AMDFX-8120 black, at idle about 46C, 50-52C under load.

I am not overclocked and I only have the stock fan that came with the CPU.

Are these temps anything to be worried about? I have seen info one and the other, if I could get a hard answer I would be able to know what to do from there. Thanks.
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  1. Your idle temp on the CPU is a bit high, but the load temps are actually fairly good. Is that under gaming or Prime95 load?
    Mobo temperature is so-so.

    You should be fine. Though if you want to overclock you will need aftermarket cooling.
  2. The load is under gaming, shogun 2 to be exact, I'm not even sure what those other things are. :o But heres another question, why is the answers so varied about what is good operating temps? Shouldn't the make and model of the CPU/MB be the only real factor? Sorry if I sound dumb, but got to learn this some place. lol Thanks.
  3. Prime95 is a program that stresses the CPU to 100%, really good for testing overclock stability and finding the maximum temperature.

    Because the ideal temperature varies per person.

    On the most basic level you have to keep below the TjMax, which varies per chip. Your FX-8120 has a TjMax of 90 degrees, go above that then it will start killing its performance to stop from overheating.
    Then it comes down to personal threshold for temperature. I personally don't let my components get above 70 degrees.

    Idle temps have a wide range of acceptableness, because they are much more subject to environmental factors. Because I have custom water-cooling, my idle temperature is largely dictated by ambient (room) temperature. During winter I get idle temps of about 15c, or during a recent heat wave I had an idle temp of 40c. Your load temps are affected by the ambient temperature, but not to the degree idle temps are.

    So its all very subjective and each person will have their own opinion of whats a good temperature for idle/load.
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