New build question YET AGAIN

Hey guys, I just want to ask a quick question.

I am working on finding new parts for a new gaming/school/everything build, and am working on refining what parts I want until I am very sure.

I just have a quick question regarding hard drives.

Currently, I have written down SSD wise a 128GB Samsung 830 series SSD. I am wondering if I should get a second one so that I can put games I want loaded fast on it, and have the other one for my OS/maybe some programs.

- Is this a good idea, or should I get a 256GB SSD? If I did, is there anyway to like, partitiation it so I can have like 2 different ones 1 for OS and stuff, and the other for games. Is this worth it?

-Is the Samsung 830 series reliable?

Ok now HDD wise. I have a 2TB Western Digital black caviar drive written down, and I have looked at the reviews for that and the Seagate Barracuda and the reviews are mixed. People reviewing the barracuda are saying that their WD drives died so they got that one, and vica versa.

Is the WD black caviar 2TB a good choice? Will it last without failure?


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    caviar blacks has a high warranty cycle and is one of the most reliable HDD in the market(hence the costs)
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