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Hey guys. This is the cpu i have: athlon x2 220

From what i have researched this is one of the lucky nd rare XIIs that are unlockable to the phenom x4 925 bc of its cacac stepping. Essentially taking this $45 chip to an awesome $125 chip. I wish to buy a ACC motherboard but from what i have read is that most motherboard makers have been forced to stop supporting ACC. Therefore, mbs that once supported ACC, now, do not thru bios updates and new mb completely lack ACC support.

I wish to buy the cheapest am3 (ihave ddr3) socket mb with sb710 chipset that still supports ACC core unclocking.

Thanks in advance!!

Edit- i have a itx tower... would a mini atx fit with some modifications to my tower?
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  1. How do you plan to cool a 95w processor in a mini-itx system?
  2. I bought a cool master. However, I was planning to upgrade all that when and if i crossed that road. Im not goin to upgrade stuff if i cant unlock the core
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